What The Nurses Saw

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A multi-month bestseller on Amazon

Since its launch on December 6, 2023, What the Nurses Saw has consistently been a best-selling book on Amazon in the following categories:

Kindle: Physician & Patient Medical Ethics, Health Policy, Public Health 

Paperback: Medical Procedure, Nurse-Patient Relations, Nursing Patient Education


How The Covid Panic Exploited And Corrupted The Medical Profession
By Ashley Bateman – February 6, 2024

“It reads like a dystopian nov­el — coercive health care executives running patient care at the expense of thousands of lives, nurse advocates rescuing medically “kidnapped” hospital admittees, public schools rewarded millions of dollars for mandating child masking, and children serving as hosts for experimental vaccines.”

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The Shocking Testimony of the Covid-19 Nurses
By Niall McCrae – January 25, 2024

“McCarthy’s compendium of bedside experiences shows what happens when all professional and moral standards are abandoned in favour of a globally enforced problem-reaction-solution contrivance.”

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