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Since its launch on December 6, 2023, What the Nurses Saw has consistently been a best-selling book on Amazon in the following categories:

Kindle: Physician & Patient Medical Ethics, Health Policy, Public Health 

Paperback: Medical Procedure, Nurse-Patient Relations, Nursing Patient Education

Reviews and Articles

Hospital Deaths “from COVID” During the COVID Panic: A Call for Assistance and Additional Research
By Ken McCarthy – February 27, 2024

“At this point, most serious people who’ve looked at the issue are aware that not everyone who was declared to have died from COVID actually died from COVID. Pending additional research, we have no way of asserting what percentage of reported COVID deaths were in fact from other causes. However, this we do know: Over 90% of the people who reportedly died of COVID died in the care of a hospital or other healthcare facility. Total deaths reported from COVID in the U.S. are numbered at over 1 million so the number of COVID hospital deaths is very large indeed.”

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Ken McCarthy on The Progressive Commentary Hour with Gary Null 
By Gary Null – April 16, 2024

“Ken McCarthy has been a lifelong advocate for natural medicine and exposing the corruption of medicine and is currently an author and publisher… His work as an environmentalist includes halting the construction of a coal-powered cement plant in the Hudson Valley and proper reconstruction of New Orleans’ levees. Among his books are two volumes of ‘The Covid Con’ and the Amazon bestseller ‘Fauci’s First Fraud,’ which was important for informing Robert Kennedy Jr’s ‘The Real Anthony Fauci.'”

Hear the full interview here.

How The Covid Panic Exploited And Corrupted The Medical Profession
By Ashley Bateman – February 6, 2024

“It reads like a dystopian nov­el — coercive health care executives running patient care at the expense of thousands of lives, nurse advocates rescuing medically “kidnapped” hospital admittees, public schools rewarded millions of dollars for mandating child masking, and children serving as hosts for experimental vaccines.”

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The Shocking Testimony of the Covid-19 Nurses
By Niall McCrae – January 25, 2024

“McCarthy’s compendium of bedside experiences shows what happens when all professional and moral standards are abandoned in favour of a globally enforced problem-reaction-solution contrivance.”

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Nurses Who Fought Back
By Julie Grimstad – March 26, 2024

Ken McCarthy offers compelling evidence that, during what he dubbed “the COVID Panic,” there was “systemic, top-down ordered murder” in our health care system. (p.10) This is a book that reads like a horror story, but it is all too real. It is a wake-up call.

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Ken McCarthy Bio

Ken McCarthy was a seminal pioneer both of the commercial Internet and citizen journalism.

Time Magazine recognized him as the first person to appreciate the commercial value of Internet clicks. Years later, in 1997, he launched the first news blog ever, a detailed account of an election fraud investigation in San Francisco as it unfolded.

On February 1, 2020, he predicted in writing on two Twitters posts that: 1) the news out of China was suspect, 2) it gave the appearance of being a news media campaign for flu shots, and 3) it could possibly lead to the rapid development of dangerous coronavirus vaccines with more focus on speed than “science”.

In August of 2020, Ken released the documentary “Fauci’s First Fraud” which was cited 28 times in the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. book “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

He is author of the new book “What the Nurses Saw” about the systemic medical murders that took place and continue to take place under cover of COVID hysteria.

Note the date: February 1, 2020