What The Nurses Saw

Help for Victims

How many people were killed or seriously injured by medical neglect, incompetence, abuse, and/or the strictly enforced mandatory COVID protocols?

We don’t know because no effort has been made by government, media, or academia to research the question and develop an informed estimate, but we do know this:

1. To date, 1,144,877 people are reported to have “died of COVID” in the US.

2. In 2020 alone, 94.46% of those reported to have “died of COVID” in the US died in a hospital or care facility (331,394 out of 350,831). Stats for COVID hospital or care facility deaths beyond 2020 have thus far not been made readily available by any established oversight committee.

Of course, this does not include the number of people who were “treated for COVID” with the “protocols” and were seriously injured as a result.

3. The U.S. had an unusually high death rate compared to other countries. With 4 percent of the world’s population, the US suffered 14.5 percent of total COVID deaths. By September 30, 2021, mortality rates in the US had climbed to 2,107 out of every million, compared to 139 per million in Japan.

4. Families of survivors who’ve given video testimony about the death of loved ones and people who survived but sustained serious injuries, number over 1,000.

Given that: 1) few families are equipped to research the details of the death of their loved one or their own serious injury and 2) few are aware that there are places they can publicly post their recorded testimony, this number could easily be 100 times higher or more. This would suggest 100,000 victims or more in the U.S. alone.

All these factors – testimony of nurses, testimony of families, medical records that have been professionally reviewed, death rates (absolute and relative) – suggest a number this high or higher.

Do any of these 25 items correspond to your situation?


The 25 Commonalities

This list was originally compiled and published by CHBMP.org and is based on their analysis of hundreds of cases submitted by victims and their families.

  1. Isolation of victim: Victim is denied any access to family, friends, advocate, Pastor, Priest or Clergy, etc.
  2. Strict adherence to EUA protocols: Only option allowed to victims are hospital “protocol” drugs; Remdesivir/Veklury, Baricitinib/Olumiant, Tocilizumab/Actemra. Often forced on victim when refused.
  3. Denied alternative treatments: Denied requests (often ridiculed) for treatments like Vitamins, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Hydroxychloroquine, etc. False statements made that they are not “FDA Approved” or do not work.
  4. Denied informed consent: No informed consent provided regarding medications, treatments, intubation, or procedures.
  5. Gaslighting: Gaslighting by Hospital Staff. Victim and family constantly told the victim will die because they are unvaccinated/if they refuse to be vaccinated or if they don’t comply with hospital protocol or ventilation. Constantly told their loved one “was a very sick man” or “a very sick woman”.
  6. Removal of communication devices: Call lights, glasses, cell phones or other communication devices removed from patients’ possession or placed out of their reach.
  7. Dehumanization: The methodical dehumanization of the victim. Often described as “being treated like an animal”.
  8. Pervasive sense of wrongdoing: Family members, friends, and often the victim all had a feeling that “something was wrong”.
  9. Vaccination discrimination: Discrimination based on vaccine status. Mocking, verbal and physical abuse for being unvaccinated.
  10. Rapid oxygen increase: Oxygen supplementation increased quickly causing lung complications and damage, leading to mechanical ventilation.
  11. Refusal to communicate: Doctors, nurses, and hospital administration refuse to communicate with family or advocates.
  12. Dehydration and starvation: Denial of food, water, or any nutrition. Given diuretics or laxatives.
  13. Restraint abuse: Physical restraint and/or Chemical restraints used. Failure to follow legal requirements around the use of restraints. Ventilation is used as a restraint or as a method of behavior control.
  14. Bathroom denial: Denial of bathroom use. Forced onto a catheter and/or rectal tube.
  15. Non-emergency ventilation: The victim and family said it is just to “give the lungs a rest”.
  16. DNR pressure or shenanigans: Pressured to sign DNR. Ignored or falsified DNR.
  17. Palliative care pressure: Victim and family pressured into palliative care, comfort care, or hospice. The family denied participation in the Palliative Care Consult Meeting. Palliative care was ordered without consent.
  18. Isolated even in death: Denied access to dying victim. Denied access to view the body after death. Denial of Last Rites.
  19. Police/Security involvement: Police/Security used to keep victims isolated. Families threatened with arrest.
  20. Refusal of transfer: Refusal to change doctors or make hospital transfers.
  21. Infections and injuries: Sepsis, MRSA, or Hospital-Acquired Infection. Pressure sores, skin tears, necrosis.
  22. Neglect: Neglect and lack of basic care, general hygiene or grooming, bathing, and linen changes.
  23. Nighttime emergencies: Family woken up and pressured to make instant life and death choices with little information. Staff attempting to “scare them” or “confuse them”.
  24. Perception of malevolence: The victim states or feels like hospital staff is torturing them or going to kill them.
  25. Unqualified staff: Treatment by foreign, travel, FEMA, or unqualified Medical Staff.


If you live in Minnesota and want to initiate an investigation into the hospital or nursing home death of a loved one who died of COVID, we are working with and wholeheartedly support this group: MedicalJusticeMN.com

If you or a loved one need an advocate in a medical situation including but not limited to hospitalization, we recommend these two groups: Graith Care and Remnant Nursing

Stand Firm Now is collecting testimonies from professionals (doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, morticians, pharmacists, etc) who witnessed and/or have evidence of crimes against COVID patients: Stand Firm Now

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