What The Nurses Saw

Buying multiple copies

Even buying just one additional copy will make a huge difference if done collectively.

You may want to do more.

What to do with the extra copies?

* Give one (or more) to your local library
* Give copies to concerned friends and family members
* Mail a copy with letter to local publications and news media (more likely to be open minded than mass media)
* Mail a copy to local politicians (much more powerful than sending a letter)
* Give one to a nurse, doctor, police officer, serviceman, or firefighter who has lost their job for refusing to take the shot
* Give to someone who had a bad experience with or may have lost a loved one to a hospital

Buying on Amazon is the most economical and efficient.


Unfortunately, we have found from past experience that many so-called independent bookstores are so committed to pushing the pharma/government narrative, they will not carry this book or books like it.

Give the book as a gift

What The Nurses Saw is one of the most gifted books on Amazon